I’ve spent some time today working on my blog platform. I have chosen to stick with WordPress for now, mostly because its easier to work with and maintain.

The purpose of this blog is to have an open, online-based notebook for my studies and my work. I have chosen the blog format because i like to share my knowledge and things i learn with others. Blogging still seems to be a thing despite the intense use of different social media. I am blogging for my self first of all, but if i get a few visitors then that would be nice.

During my work hours i develop and maintain code using things like PHP, MySQL, C, Bash Script, jQuery, Bootstrap and some other things. During my sparetime i do stuff with the same things but also do things relating to information security, malware analysis, penetration testing and other interesting things.

I will try to blog as often as possible. At least one post every week, but hopefully more. I wont post pure guides or tutorials but i will explain how things work in some of my posts.